MOUSENET by Prudence Breitrose

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When an inventor created the world’s smallest computer–the Thumbtop–the Mouse Nation knew that they were about to enter a new age.  Finally, a computer that was the perfect size for a mouse to operate!  No more jumping back and forth across the letters on a keyboard!  No more skulking around after the humans went to sleep!  At last, the mice would take their rightful place in the technological age, along side their intellectual equals, the humans.  That is, if they are able to win over the inventor’s niece, Megan, and establish the world’s first human-mouse alliance.

Mousenet was a light read.  There was very little suspense or major obstacles for the characters to overcome, and most tasks that the characters undertook seemed to work out unbelievably smoothly.  In addition, the environmental message was incorporated slightly clumsily and came off as heavy-handed.  Still, the Mouse Nation the author created was a fun fantasy to imagine and the characters themselves were overall believable and likeable.  I would recommend this to readers in grades 4-6 who enjoy animal stories.

If you liked Mousenet, you might also enjoy Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat by Lynne Jonell, Freddy by Dietlof Reiche or Babe, the Gallant Pig by Dick King Smith.

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