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When Nicholas Benedict first arrived at a new orphanage he had high hopes for new friendships and adventures.  But when he cleverly outwits some bullies during his first few days, he makes powerful enemies who are determined to make his life miserable.  To make matters worse, because of his narcolepsy and night terrors, the head of the orphanage insists on locking him into a private bedroom every night.  But Nicholas will not let these challenges keep his spirits down.  Fueled by a new friendship with a boy called John and the secret knowledge that a treasure might be hidden somewhere on the orphanage’s grounds, Nicholas Benedict is determined to escape his prison and defeat his bullies once and for all.

If you liked the Mysterious Benedict Society trilogy, you should definitely read this fun prequel!  It is full of all of the puzzles, mystery, and suspense of the original series–though falling short of The Mysterious Benedict Society’s cast of quirky characters.

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