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Can you survive a trek through the frozen wilderness of Antarctica?  Choose to join a real historical Antarctic expedition or try your luck as a modern Antarctic explorer or scientist!  As you make choices, you learn about history, the Antarctic climate, and survival skills.  The “You Choose Books” series has a number of books set in historical and extreme survival environments, all of which use the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure format as a vehicle for education.  These books are not as complex as many fictional Choose-Your-Own-Adventures–nor do they go into as much depth as many nonfiction books.  But they are great for stirring up interest in a subject.  As soon as I finished my “adventures,” I started looking up more info about the Scott and Admundsen expeditions online because the glimpse I got from this book had me hooked!  Great for reluctant readers, readers who like survival stories, and Choose-Your-Own-Adventure readers looking for a little more depth in content.  Check out the whole series!

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