ALL FALL DOWN by Ally Carter

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Everyone thinks Grace is crazy, but she’s not.  She saw the scar-faced man shoot her mother.  She knows the fire wasn’t an accident.  But the lack of a bullet wound in the coroner’s report and the lack of evidence on security cameras led to years of shrinks and being shuffled from school to school.  Now she’s been sent to Adria to live with her grandfather the ambassador who hasn’t seen her since her mother’s death.  After so long away, Adria is both familiar and foreign, and reminders of her mother are everywhere.  But when Grace stumbles into a secret meeting in the abandoned Iranian embassy, she recognizes the scar-faced man instantly.  Dismissed by her grandfather as fatigued and confused, Grace must seek the help of new friends and friends from her childhood to navigate the hidden tunnels of Embassy Row and find her mother’s killer before he kills again.

This fast-paced, suspenseful mystery features a spirited and mischievous heroine and a cast of colorful supporting characters.  The gradual revelation of clues and an unreliable narrator make the ending difficult to guess but allow the reader to remain constantly involved in puzzling out the mystery.  A thrilling start to what promises to be a compelling series!  This book will likely appeal to mystery/thriller loving teens of a variety of ages.

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