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Stewart is so glad that his dad is happy with Caroline.  He had been sad for so long after Stewart’s mom died.  And Caroline has a daughter–only a year older than Stewart.  It’s worth moving to a new house and a new school if he gets the sister he’s always dreamed of.  Unfortunately, Ashley is less than excited.  She hasn’t told her friends that her dad is gay–just that her parents split up.  And as if that weren’t bad enough, her mom had to invite Leonard and his nerdy freak son to live with them. Who knows what that will do to her social status.  But when Stewart’s attempts to survive in the locker room bring him in contact with Ashley’s crush, their sibling relationship becomes mutually beneficial–for better or for worse.

Told from alternating points of view, Ashley and Stewart’s story is both funny and poignant as it tackles accessible issues such as divorce, peer pressure, and bullying.  I highly recommend it to teens who love realistic fiction.  

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