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Emmy has been spending countless hours at Starbucks trying to write a romance novel.  It isn’t going well.  All of her dialogue seems stilted and the high- stakes plot isn’t at all believable.  But when a stranger tackles her to the ground and dies on top of her, Emmy is thrust into an unbelievable thriller of her own.  It seems like the old man may have taken a bullet that was meant for her, and before he died, he slipped a password-protected tablet into her pocket. The police seem ready to put her into “protective custody” when the dead man’s grandson (and inconveniently Emmy’s best friend’s ex-boyfriend’s best friend), Sebastian, shows up with a clandestine alternative: enroll in an extremely expensive and extremely well – guarded private school.   Sebastian seems to have his own secret motives for wanting Emmy close, but Emmy knows that this might be her only chance to break into the tablet and achieve her own secret agenda.  The old man mentioned her father, and Emmy is determined to find him. 

This thriller kept me engaged from start to finish.  I won’t call it a mystery since there weren’t really clues that the reader could  unravel,  but it is certainly mysterious.  I’m still on the edge of my seat wanting to figure out what’s going on.  Too bad I have to wait for a sequel!  Highly recommend it to teens who enjoy thrillers.  

If you liked Dial Em for Murder, you might like The Name of the Star.

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