LABYRINTH LOST by Zoraida Córdova

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For years, Alex has tried to hide her powers.  She doesn’t want to be a bruja–not after what happened the first and only time she let her magic slip out.  But when her best friend is in trouble, she can’t help but take on the bully, and suddenly, her magic is no longer a secret.  In fact, it seems she is the most powerful bruja of them all: an encantrix.  As her mother and sisters joyfully plan her Deathday ceremony and celebration, Alex plans a counter-canto–one which she hopes will take the burden of her magic away forever.  Unfortunately, her canto goes wrong, and Alex must rely on the help of a brujo boy she hardly knows to reach the Tree of Souls and rescue her family from the Devourer.

A compelling blend of myth and modern life, the world of the Brooklyn Brujas will entrance readers.  Alex’s struggle to come to terms with her magic is inextricably tied to her struggle to find her place in her family and community.  One of the most engaging books I’ve read lately; I highly recommend it to teen fantasy fans!

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