HOUSE OF HOLLOW by Krystal Sutherland

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After they disappeared ten years ago, Iris Hollow and her sisters were never the same. It wasn’t just their eyes (now black) or their hair (now white). There were things they couldn’t remember, and things they wanted to forget–strange nightmares that sometimes came when they were awake. Her eldest sister, Grey, seemed especially different, now possessing strange abilities to influence other people. The change was enough to drive their father mad, to drive away their friends, and to cause strangers to stalk them.

But as much as Iris has tried to distance herself from her hazy past, when Grey disappears, she knows she can run from the truth no longer. With rotting flesh and carrion flowers to lead her forward, Iris searches for Grey–and the terrifying reality of what happened to all three Hollow sisters a decade ago.

Part fantasy, part horror, HOUSE OF HOLLOW will lead readers into a grounded nightmare in the space between life and death. The shining thread through the whole narrative is the theme of family–of love, loyalty, and belonging–that exists on two sides of a coin: life-giving and deadly, good and evil. Great pick for a YA book club and any older teen who loves dark fantasy. Highly recommend! House of Hollow (9780593110348): Sutherland, Krystal: Books

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