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You are a stranger here. You don’t know anyone in this New Land. You don’t even speak their language. The uncle who was supposed to welcome you to your New Home died unexpectedly, so it is just you and your parents in the huge, empty house. You should play with the children at school, but you can’t understand them. Even the food is strange. The only thing that brings you comfort is the greenhouse in the corner of the garden because it contains not only your uncle’s beloved orange trees but also the sun and moon–a surprising burst of magic in this otherwise dull world.

But when a tragedy shakes the foundation of your family, making you want more than ever to hide in a magical garden, you know you will have to leave the safety of the glasshouse and find a way to survive, to keep going.

You are Meixing Lim, and your life is about to change forever.

A heartbreaking, beautiful story about a young immigrant finding her way in an unfamiliar world. Marr’s clever choice to use second person narration gives readers a unique experience, letting you feel as disoriented as Meixing from the first sentence when you are unsure who “you” are. This novel is a powerful emotional journey, and it would be a great pick for middle grade book clubs.

A Glasshouse of Stars

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