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Ginny has a number of important items on her seventh grade “to do” list.  Among them are getting a new dad, getting her older brother Henry to “chill out,” and getting the role of the Sugarplum Fairy in her ballet school’s Nutcracker.  Unfortunately, her goals have unexpected challenges and complications.  Having a step-dad is more difficult than she thought it would be, and her ballet rivalry with Mary Catherine Kelly may have ended their friendship for good.  On top of all of that, Henry seems far from chilling out and may end up in a military academy.  Thank goodness for Grampa Joe, Becky Soo, and yellow sweaters.  But will they be enough to get Ginny through seventh grade?

This story is told in an interesting style–as a scrapbook with notes and documents from Ginny’s life.  It may take a while to get settled into the pattern of reading the story, but in the end it captures the story of Ginny’s life very nicely.  This book will likely appeal most to middle grade girls, and the creative storytelling style may appeal to reluctant readers as well!

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