BABYMOUSE: QUEEN OF THE WORLD by Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm

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Babymouse wishes she were extraordinary.  She wishes she had gorgeous, straight whiskers–like Felicia.  She wishes she had a cooler style of clothes–like Felicia.  And although it is nice to have her one really good friend Wilson, she wishes that she had tons of adoring friends and admirers–like Felicia.  Unfortunately, all of her daydreaming doesn’t make her wishes come true.  It just makes her late for class.  But when Babymouse has the chance to attend Felicia’s birthday party, everything in her life could be about to change. 

The Babymouse graphic novels are popular among tween girls for good reason; they accurately depict what it’s like to be outside of the cool clique.  Babymouse has believable insecurities and hopes that preteen girls are sure to relate to.  

If you like the Babymouse series, you might like Dork Diaries, Dumped by Popular Demand, Smile, and Middle School is Worse Than Meatloaf.

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