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What was life like for children growing up in Medieval times?  Some were peasants, tied to the land they farmed, so poor they had to trick and steal from their lords and masters just to make sure they had food to eat.  Others were apprenticed to tradesmen in the village, working as blacksmiths or falconers.  And others were children of the lords living in luxury inside their palace halls. 

Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! tells the stories of over twenty Medieval children and their variety of dreams, fears, pranks, mistakes, and achievements.  The stories are written as monologues and dialogues which could be read aloud as a play.  They can also be read silently as short first-person narratives.  The monologues are interspersed with more information about each of the time periods to keep readers informed about the history and culture surrounding the characters.  A Newbery Award winner, these plays are a fun read for anyone who enjoys historical fiction.  If you would like a more dramatic experience, listen to the audio book which has each character read aloud by a different actor! 

If you liked Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! you might like Crispin by Avi.

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