THE 100 YEAR OLD SECRET by Tracy Barrett

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Xena and Xander Holmes have always been very observant.  They can notice things about a person and deduce his occupation or details about his personal history.  It is their favorite game.  But when they learn that they are the great-great-great-grandchildren of the famous Sherlock Holmes and that they have files upon files of his unsolved cases at their disposal, they decide to upgrade their game to solving real-life mysteries.  Their first mission: to find a priceless painting that disappeared over a century ago.

If you like the Thirty-Nine Clues series, you need to check out the Sherlock Files.  There are plenty of clues to unravel and a decent amount of suspense in this mystery series.  If you like character-driven mysteries, however, you will not find a lot of depth here.  For character-driven Sherlock Holmes-related mysteries, I would instead recommend the Enola Holmes books by Nancy Springer.

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