FIERCE AS THE WIND by Tara Wilson Redd

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I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from the publisher to write this review.

Miho was heartbroken when her boyfriend broke up with her, but she assured him she understood. He’d gotten drunk, he’d gotten his ex pregnant, and he had to take responsibility. What other option was there?

Of course that was before she went on the ex’s Instagram and realized that he’d been dating her all along. The ex wasn’t the Other Woman; Miho was.

As she’s on the beach burning all of the gifts he gave her, she sees a banner advertising the Ironman triathalon, a Hawaii tradition, and it feels like a sign. She’s never been much of a runner, but she can swim, and she can bike. 140 miles sounds like a lot, but Miho is determined. With her friends as her support team, Miho starts training for the race, hoping that by proving she can do this one, impossible thing, she’ll find a way to believe in her future.

The core of this book is community. Every scene with Miho’s friends is bursting with love and laughter. And this community gives the reader–and Miho, though she doesn’t realize it at first–a hopeful support to lean against as she works through some very dark feelings of worthlessness springing from the actions of her ex and the casual racism and classism she encounters everywhere. It’s impossible not to root for Miho as she builds her self-esteem along with building her physical and mental endurance for the triathalon. Recommended for fans of YA contemporary fiction.

Fierce as the Wind by Tara Wilson Redd: 9781524766917 | Books

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