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I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from the publisher in order to write this review.

After her impulsive decision to reject the leading man’s proposal on a popular reality TV dating show, all Jada Townsend-Matthews wants to do is keep her head down, hide from the Internet haters, and prove to her wealthy grandmother that she is responsible enough to control her trust fund. Unfortunately, the job her grandmother selects for her is at a cupcake shop owned by a man that Jada recently (inadvertently) insulted, and she’s pretty sure he hates her. She’s pretty sure she hates him, too, although she has to admit that his cupcakes (and his appearance) are pretty damn delicious.

Donovan Dell never expected to see the bougie yet undeniably sexy cupcake customer again. But when he learns that she’s the granddaughter of the owner of the professional football team he plays for, he can’t exactly say no to hiring her. The problem isn’t that they don’t get along. The problem is the spark between them that tempts him to turn each of their verbal sparring sessions into something more physical–and much more exciting. When her reality TV fame starts bringing in customers and leads to a publicity stunt kiss, Donovan agrees to start fake-dating. He tells himself it’s just to save his struggling bakery. It’s certainly not to get closer to the alluring, maddening woman. And definitely not in hopes of getting one more taste of her lips…

The frenemies’ fake relationship turns real fast in this adorable, sexy rom com about a perfectly matched pair of stubborn, flawed lovers. The high stakes kick in late in the novel, so this one is for readers who are here for banter, sizzle, and a swoony perfect couple rather than the tension of relationship obstacles. I’d recommend FAKE IT TILL YOU BAKE IT to fans of the fake-date and enemies-to-lovers tropes, but more to readers who just want to hang out with two engaging, fun characters as they get swept up in a steamy love affair. The ending suggests that we have more to look forward to from the equally well-developed secondary characters in future books!

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